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"I'm addicted to alcohol and cocaine", admitting Pierre Palmade


It's a difficult exercise of confession that Pierre Palmade has been involved with for a few days in the press, to addiction to alcohol and drugs. Saturday Hotels, 4 May on the set ofWe are not lyingThe comedian has returned to his demons. "So, I am addicted to alcohol and cocaine"he confirmed against Laurent Ruquier and his columnists.

"I know it's illegal [de consommer de la cocaïne]I give myself the right to talk about it, "Pierre Palmade insists," he says it is a disease, "he said. I didn't know about 20 it was an illness, t I thought it was entertainment", it boosts the humor. t

"At the age of 30, I suspected it was a poison and at the age of 40 I was sure I was addicted to cocaine and I went to the wall. And it's been 10 years since I tried to stop, "he said at the time of his autobiography Tell my dad that I am famous (HarperCollins).

"It should have happened far from the front"

Then Pierre Palmade emphasizes the difficulty of fighting his captivity, especially in Paris where he is wondering, and "when we wander on the internet or in bars." Then he returns to the charge of rape he was an object to him a few weeks ago, from "a boy who, to revenge for a bad night, to want to make sure I have taken drugs and offendedEventually the man will come back on his accusations, and will be judged in October.

"It should have happened to me a long time ago, here's the last straw, because everyone says to me, Pierre, you're going to have a shit." You're bringing strangers back, you're unwise", says the artist." Everything we do when we have drunk a bottle of vodka and took drugs, we are shabby, "shows Pierre Palmade in terms of the phrase to be shabby.

"I am ashamed of all the murders and the use of drugs t I've done, "it's sliced," doesn't leave an inch more "his therapists, a day-to-day battle, which we hope to win." Our illness (…). People who say addiction are dirty drugs; like saying 'dirty cancer'. It doesn't make sense, "Pierre Palmade said.

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