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he swallows his AirPod … he continues to work from his stomach t


Taiwanese has passed in spite of itself an incredible test to the famous Apple wireless headphones. After falling asleep with her two AirPods in his ears, Ben Hsu notices when he wakes up that one of them is missing. And impossible to put your hand on it.

The young man has the idea to use Apple's geo-positioning function which has been installed on his iPhone. And there, new surprise: the headphone responds well and shows its presence in the room with beep. "Jcheck under my blanket and look around, but couldn't find it. Then I realized that the sound came from my stomach, "he said. Daily Mail.

This military recruiter is in the navy, saying he does not suffer from the presence of this foreign body in his stomach, going to the hospital immediately. Radio support, doctors confirm the presence of the object in its digestive tract.

How can I get my AirPod back? There are two possibilities available to him: t the natural way. And if it is unsuccessful: t using surgery. After receiving prescribed laxatives, the doctors recommend that the young man examine his stool in the following days.

"The battery was still 41%, it was amazing"

The next day, at a station, Ben Hsu then searches for his valuable Bluetooth headphone in the middle of his sewer. And miraculously, the atrium is intact. After refreshing its thoroughness, its AirPod even works. "The battery was still 41%, it was amazing," he said.

"Because of the plastic shell around the AirPod, its risk of hurting it (…) is much less important, "said a doctor who works in emergencies. On a personal and unique experience with the brand's product to the apple, that the young man qualifies as" magical ". .

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