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He finally revealed the real reason for their separation!


Everything good ends and this is the love affair between Ingrid Chauvin and Thierry Peythieu, a page turns. After nine years of marriage, they announced that they were ending their relationship, friends who did not immediately discuss the reasons for their breakdown.

On November 11, 2020, the actress came from Tomorrow belongs to us She announced that she was separating from Thierry Peythieu but had removed the remains of this tear.

But reconciliation is not on the agenda. But even if everything is done through intervening lawyers, things would still have calmed down, according to information from our colleagues from Closer.

In Sète, not far from the filming locations of the series, the actress would live with their son Tom in her house. She would obviously lead this rather complicated separation on her own.

At first he formed a model couple with Thierry, but obviously it was just a facade.

They were married on August 27, 2011 in Lège-Cap-Ferret. But until now they did not want to communicate on the real reasons for their separation, which remained a real mystery.

“She draws her strength from the unconditional love she has for her baby boy, but it’s very difficult,” a person close to the actress explained to Closer magazine. She never would have imagined going through what she is experiencing right now. The model couple he formed with Thierry was nothing more than a facade. Deep down, she already knew … she had to find the strength and courage to leave ”, informs a source to our colleagues. As for the celebrity clique, we won’t know any more. “One day, Ingrid will speak, and he’ll have a bomb effect” concludes the anonymous witness.

Do the recent episodes of Tomorrow Belongs to Us echo reality?

Thierry Peythieu is one of the directors of the TF1 show anyway. In the DNA series, Ingrid Chauvin, the kneeling figure, is at the heart of a divorce based on her fake husband’s infidelity, played by Alexandre Brasseur.

The 47-year-old actress even shared a video of his son Tom, 4 years old recently on Instagram, a few days after his breakup, captioning that he was “the only man who delights in her heart”.

But she will have to learn to live with her ex who will be behind the camera of the series she starred daily and vice versa, not easy!

And besides, this Monday, November 16, the director shared the picture from a movie clapper board with the song in the background The last count from the Europe group with the sentence: “I totally agree… ”.

Is he referring to the ending clip of his love affair with Ingrid Chauvin?

Sometimes our lives just need to be turned upside down, changed, reorganized … With my son’s father, our paths are separate. I must tell you, not wanting to communicate any more. Thanks in advance for your respect, which I know is tremendous. I kiss you. Ingrid. #separation #theend“She captioned by posting a photo of her wedding.

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