Wednesday , November 25 2020

Halo Infinite: project director leaves 343 Industries | Xbox one

After a disappointing first introduction of Halo Infinite because expectations were high, we had very little information on what was to be the title of the launch of the Xbox Series X | S, except postponing for 2021. It would seem today ‘the good news is not ready to arrive. In fact, Jason Schreier posted an article on Bloomberg about another important departure from a director who worked on Halo infinitely.

I have moved away from Halo Infinite and are looking for future opportunities. I believe in the team and sure they will accomplish a great game, and now is a good time to step away from it.

So Chris Lee is the second title working director who abandoned the project in two years. He joined 343 Industries in 2008 and then headed the studio since 2016. Microsoft took the opportunity to talk about his departure.

Chris Lee remains a Microsoft employee and although he has just stepped away from Halo Infinite, we appreciate all that he has done for the project so far.

A few months before release, he is particularly concerned that such an important personality is moving away from the project. We are still waiting for a new submission that will assure us of the quality of the green brand’s leading license title.

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