Thursday , August 18 2022

Future of Mac Pro: a series of modules associated with a new Apple port?


By promising, in April 2017, to overwrite its Mac Pro, Apple has given users the hope that their needs are not covered, or not enough, by the current Macs. At the time, the manufacturer announced the return of the modular computer, an idea that Mac Pro since the end of 2013 had forgotten.

According to the YouTube channel host Tailosive Tech, which holds a source information within Apple, the future Mac Pro would find a modular feature, but not as we understand it with PC cases or Apple's old axes. There is no question of removing the computer cover to insert new cards and replace the components.

This new Mac Pro would look like a series of modules. It would therefore be possible to add boxes on one another as needed: an external graphic card, an extra storage box, another with ports and outputs as well as …

The essential baseline, the "brain" would be a bit larger than a Mac mini that includes RAM and a processor (can these components be replaced?). These bricks could work individually without the need to add modules. But if the user wants to go further or need more power, simply it would restrict the desired modules.

There would be a connector developed by Apple (based on Thunderbolt 3?) Linking the different modules to this base; the maker would propose it to third-party manufacturers to develop their own modules. Each "floor" would incorporate its own cooling system, but to avoid a spaghetti on the desktop, the supply of each module of the stack would be provided by the base.

The modular Mac Pro concept is not new. Here, an idea of ​​Peter Zigich in 2012.

You do not need to spend miles and cents on what you do not have to do, the idea behind the refurbished Mac Pro is to buy just what you need. The author of the video said Apple had completed the Mac Pro's design but that things could continue to evolve at the moment.

This strange, which looks like an old dream of geek, avoids the technical complexity associated with the combination of modules, whether in power, data flows or "plug & # 39 ; n play "(which can incorporate a module and use it immediately, or will it restart the Mac?).

The video does not rule out the possibility that it's "troll", all this is taken with big pressures. Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned this week Mac Pro " easy to upgrade At the same time as a 6K monitor.

We may get a quick idea of ​​what Apple cooks: Bloomberg He said the builder could pick up a corner of the boxes on this machine during WWDC.

But if this was adequate, it would be reminiscent clusters Mac mini can probably build with the latest version of the small computer. A good idea of ​​paper, but in fact this is not necessarily a necessity for the panacea (read: Mac mini cluster: a good idea in theory, a puzzle in practice …).

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