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Francis Lai, strong themes


He was the only human to win the 36-minute Lelouch movie, not just candles, except for Claude Lelouch himself. Francis Lai did not have a lot of choice, as he composed the music. And as Lelouch turned even faster than his camera, the little religious Niçois has not found time to cut his hair. o Man and woman, gold palm in 1966, up to Everyone's life Five years later, his life was tied better and worse at Stakhanov in Montmartre. Yet, she has a Lelouchian-free score that brought her a most beautiful dose for him, an oscar for melody melody The Story of Love in 1971, and for us hundreds of telephone expectations were different from four Seasons or Vivaldi.

Born in April 1932, the son of the gardeners, Lai was a stupid spray for the everlasting French instrument of the accordion, which was started by a cousin and had never left when the glory came. Popular bouts in the Nice countryside in Hollywood. In the back of Piaf, he first fits first in Paris, or in the Yves Montand wheel (By bike, she is), the poor man's piano will have made her fortune, her sense of melody that will follow you to the grave, emphasizing by others, including the musician Christian Gaubert, thanked Paul Mauriat.

America Siren. There is an issue to Pierre Barouh that he has an association with Lelouch in 1965, in making his first feature film. And the same Barouh sing alongside Nicole Croisille, the famous "chabadabada", everyone hears but they have never yet existed (listen well to the song). Anyway, we give some international successMan and woman a soundtrack, and Francis Lai joins the circle of composers who can keep a movie in mind once the room turns on again.

Director of the Love Story, Arthur Hiller, just like producer Bob Evans, tries to attract Hollywood, but Lai refuses … because he fears to fly. Never think, the Paramount provides a 35 mm copy and Moviola projector directly to Nice, where he spends his vacation, to work on the spot and place. Unlike Maurice Jarre, Michel Legrand or Georges Delerue – and not just because of his aerial phobia – he will continue to deaf the American knights song, prefer to maintain his seagull with Lelouch and scatter more or less unforgettable themes in René. Clément (Rain visitor, Hare Running through fields), Henri Verneuil (body of my enemy), Dino Risi (Miss lost) or Claude Zidi (and Time Cops) while still writing dozens of songs to Mireille Mathieu.

In addition, we need to have some warmth color to look at the naranous uncleanness of David Hamilton, Bilitis, which will be worth follow in the olé ole (Francis), but often for re-paintings (Emmanuelle and antivanda, The Madame Claude 2). Insomniac films, on their behalf, have tattooed about life on the generic eardrums Midnight cinema from FR3, the famous where all black and white cellular light is about to roll a galoche.

Funky searches. They are often dry, sentimental music, which makes you love your neighbor to love yourself if you have a background of humanity, or to kill a pandas if you are a Betallica fan. When digging a bit, we will also find things more bizarre and move in its extensive diography, including the fierce pop Adventure is an adventure (with day-to-day spittoon) or fractured mood like this Young Freedom From 1978, a generic for Radio Andorra was recently abolished on the "Cosmic Machine: The Sequel" collection, which can be restarted due to the English Gold Rules.

Lai was not an ambitious person, it was as simple as tunes, so warm and kind, a little bit of a cake too. During a visit a few years ago in her beautiful duplex with a home studio and a terrace near the Trocadero, it was surprising that a painting of Fernand Léger was lightly lit, lost among air trips. "I bought in a gallery in Nice, he replied, because my wife told me he had the initial one with me. " Before dying, he had finished rebooting his favorite score for the geriatric series ofMan and woman, always with Nicole Croisille but also with Calogero instead of Pierre Barouh. However, we do not see any relationship of cause and effect.

Christophe Conte

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