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final tips of the weekend


Black Friday: last weekend tips

[BLACK FRIDAY] Smartphones (iPhone, Xiaomi, Samsung …), TV, PC / Mac and other Apple products like AirPods are on sale at fall prices this Sunday. Our selection on Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty, Boulanger …

[L’ESSENTIEL] Black Friday in France continues this weekend! Imported from the United States, Black Friday is a commercial operation now well established in the merchants and e-merchants calendar … and in the consumer calendar. In fact, the latter can benefit from promotions of up to 80%. Many brands and merchant sites, including Amazon France, had agreed to postpone this highly-anticipated meeting until December 4, to allow businesses closed during labor to reopen in time. Smartphones (iPhone, Xiaomi, Samsung …), TVs, laptops or Apple products all varieties are on sale at fall prices this weekend. Find our selection of products seen at Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty, Boulanger …

The best offers from traders

17:15 – The Euro Dyson V7 saved 112 euros

A nice discount on this proven model of cordless vacuum cleaner from renowned manufacturer Dyson: 299.99 euros on Cdiscount instead of usually 412.29 euros. You will find it here.

4:45 pm – Pink week end at Boursorama: up to 130 euros offered for first account opening

The weekend is not black but pink at Boursorama: online banking offers up to 130 euros for the first opening of a single account with a bank card using the code “BFD130”. Click here to take advantage of this offer. Valid until December 7 only, state online bank.

16:19 – The iPhone SE (64 GB) at 449 euros on Amazon

Amazon has rolled out the package on Apple products as part of its Black Friday. The iPhone SE 64 GB is one of the promotional models. It is still found at 449 euros instead of 499 in normal times. Click here to take advantage of this 8% discount.

16:18 – Nintendo Switch Lite Turquoise + Animal Crossing Package for 219.99 euros

Three months individual subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online service is also included in this package, which is usually found at 30 more euros. Click here to take advantage of the offer.

16:17 – Enjoy an instant discount of 40 euros on AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro is offered at 239 euros on Amazon instead of 279 in normal times. Or a 14% discount. To benefit from it, and enjoy more than 24 hours of autonomy with their wireless charging case, here it is.

16:16 – AirPods 2 for 158 euros on Rakuten

The flagship product of this 2020 edition of Black Friday, AirPods 2 wireless headphones, with a wired charging box, is currently on sale at 158 ​​euros on Rakuten, instead of 179 euros for the full price. To get them for this price, here it is.

Black Friday, or Black Friday, which takes its name from the color of the banners displayed by merchants for the occasion, is an extensive commercial operation, when given numerous discounts, up to more than 80%. for consumers. It happens every year at the end of November and on a Friday, as the name suggests.

In 2020, a Black Friday date has been set for Friday, November 27. But several French brands and French subsidiaries of foreign brands have agreed to postpone for a week the promotions they have planned as part of of Black Friday due to the coronary virus and addiction crisis that was introduced on Oct. 29 at midnight to fight the epidemic. So Black Friday happens Friday December 4 in many traders. But as every year, the promotions start to swell from the Monday before the famous “black Friday”. This is the start of Black Week which began on Monday, November 30. Good deals continue to rain until the following Monday, called Cyber ​​Monday which, therefore, falls this year on Monday, December 7. So does the commercial operation spread over a whole week.

Black Friday stricto sensu ends Friday December 4 at 11:59 pm But promotions continue to flow throughout the weekend after Black Friday and continue with Cyber ​​Monday, that is, the Monday following Black Friday Friday, when only e- traders, this time, are offering good deals.

Black Friday was not born in France but is now a key day for French traders and e-traders. “Traders need to understand that Black Friday has become a crucial event. With year-end holidays, Black Friday now represents between 20 and 25% of the average turnover of small and medium-sized e-traders”, assures Alexandre Eruimy, Managing Director of Prestashop, a solution that supports merchants to create their website online. On the Internet, the success of Black Friday is huge.

Unlike Cyber ​​Monday, where historically only e-traders multiply good deals, or French Days, privileged days set aside for French traders and e-traders, Black Friday is open to the all participants. Highly-awaited vendors include Amazon, Cdiscount, Darty, Boulanger or even who offered his cards (teens, weekends, etc.) last year at half price during Black Friday.

Like every year, Amazon participates in Black Friday. The global giant, whose job was long awaited in the controversy to postpone hosting of Black Friday 2020 in France due to containment, has given his agreement to postpone its promotional operations for a week. Amazon Black Friday kicked off Thursday, December 3 at 6 pm ET.

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