Thursday , January 27 2022

filming a resident and left the building 15 minutes before the fall


Exceptional images, and valuable for investigating the circumstances and drama November 5th. On that day, waking up, a resident of 65 rue d 'Aubagne, one of the buildings that ended in Marseille, finds unusual sounds and abnormal cracks inside; w flat, located on the fourth floor.

After taking care of filming these new findings witnessing the extreme ruin and the very rapid deterioration of the building, Abdelghani Mouzid leaves his home a few minutes before the disaster, to go to the trustee before going to the job. About ten minutes later, the building falls.

On the way to the trustee

On 5 November in the morning, after being pledged to filming these new cracks appeared everywhere during his night at home and in the common areas, Abdelghani Mouzid left just before 9 am to go to # 39 ; the trustee, having located far away, Grignan Street, To show these videos and alert the situation's urgency.

The young man of 33 years is far from suspicion that he will be a few minutes later a miracle. Like the story Provence from November 7Abdelghani Mouzid is at Rome's rue height, ten minutes after he left home, when he heard a huge mass and saw a huge cloud of dust in the distance, towards the rue d 'Aubagne.

Its new building has collapsed, and the tenth year-old understands it when leaving its steps. "I immediately called on my directories to give them a reassurance and tell them that I was living, I would not say that I was a miracle … it's just hyper lucky," he said. Provence last week

Broad cracks

The images captured at 8:49 on 5 November by Abdelghani Mouzid, and the BFMTV have acquired, testify to the state of extreme place of ruins and this building was built before it collapsed.

There are many deep cracks in the walls and at the edge of the sink, some of which have appeared according to the tenant. Abdelghani Mouzid finds it difficult to open her front door and kitchen kitchen, because of the collapse of the walls. "Indeed, there's a crisis, and in a few hours it's getting worse," he said, saying "little sounds".

In terms of images and common parts, they show the bearing of the building, parts of which have been separated and fall into the floor.

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