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David Hallyday, held at Marnes-la-Coquette: room room this year with Laeticia Hallyday gone out of space


By releasing the latest Johnny album, My country is loveLaeticia Hallyday has established itself as the rocker's artistic heritage manager. David Hallyday, the eldest son of the singer, always has a unique right to challenge her. In order to better understand the fight against the Hallyday estate, we must go back to 2001. One year David lived with a father and his mother-in-law, before being invited to take & # 39; r drws …

Although two books appear – You did not leave me time Laurent Lavige a They loved as much as each other Lena Lutaud – abolish the complex relationship between Johnny and David Hallyday and return on pledge to the unfortunate racer for managing his legacy, which is another booklet that has already released, illuminated the eldest son of the singer and mother-in-law, Laeticia.

Johnny did not raise David, who lives in California with the mother of Sylvie and her second husband, Tony Scotti, a father replacement figure. But more animated by the family spirit than one of the opinion, the singer had a real love, expressed through specific decisions. After their co-operation on the album Blood for blood, the rocker had a nice game for Dafydd, in 2001. The book Laeticia, the real story, written by Laurence Pieau and François Vignolle and published on October 11, recalls that David, 35, has divorced Estelle Lefebure, the mother of her two daughters, Ilona and Emma. Blues son of Hallyday, who reproduced his parents' marital failure. Without doubt, Johnny and Laeticia decided to hold it.

Laurence Pieau and François Vignolle report Jean-Claude Camus's comments to David: "He did not have a round, Laeticia welcomed him." Both authors add: "Laeticia's cohabitation and a son in the law of ten age goes pretty well." Initially, in any case. With Johnny, there's another story. Temptation question The father lives at night, when his son, has been influenced by the father Lifestyle in California, rising in the morning to jog. But soon, the animal ends to rub on his boy. Which one is not for Laeticia.

Laurence Pieau and François Vignolle's support in their book: "David continues to be a year in his father's house, where his unoccupied life of a baccalaureate ends up in a mess. Without saying really, he has" been invited "to go through & # 39 , the door, and David's friends accuse Laeticia from "building a case against him." Both journalists ensure that "His departure happened without conflicts, without a loud voice", but quote a relative to the son to explain this unusual silence and the later pressing reports: "David stayed in California right. He always smiles (…) Between him and Laeticia during all these years, there have been no disorders, cries (ever) The violence one knows today successively with total real conflicts that have existed between them for ten years. " Reference to the hearing on 30 November at the Tribunal of Grande Instance in Nanterre regarding the validity of Johnny's will in France, but also the one's picks and the other symbolic rest of the other.

And the authors Laeticia, the real story to close: "The soul started – or at least the trip – there."

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