Friday , December 4 2020

Christian Quesada lives in a hell prison since the broadcast document C8 – 14/05/2019

Inspections, threats … the document broadcast by C8 Thursday, May 9 only has made things worse. At least Cyril Hanouna confirmed Monday night and Jean-Michel Mayor in Connection not in my office.

Inspire, threaten … Christian Quesada lives hell in prison. And the documentary broadcast by Q8 Thursday, May 9 has made things worse.

That's at least what Cyril Hanouna said on Monday night in Touche not to my job. "He doesn't do well, Christian Quesada, which is normal. For him he's very complicated. So I wouldn't complain about him, of course. There really isn't going very well for him in jail. "And Jean-Michel Maire to drive the point:" Especially that the other prisoners have seen the documentary, not & t It's not making life easier in jail. "

Christian Quesada is jailed at Bourg-en-Bresse prison. Former 12 stroke champion from midday on TF1 was shown prisoner on Wednesday, 27 March for "minimizing corruption of children" and "keeping and distributing child pornography."

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