Friday , October 30 2020

Change on top of RTL

The radio group president Christopher Baldelli will be replaced by Régis Ravanas, debauchee in TF1.

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President RTL Christopher Baldelli in September 2009 in Paris.
President RTL Christopher Baldelli in September 2009 in Paris. PIERRE VERDY / AFP

Earthquake on top of RTL. Christopher Baldelli leaves the radio group he has been directing since 2009. He will be replaced by Regis Ravanas, former deputy director of TF1. According to our knowledge, M6, which acquired the whole RTL group two years ago, has planned to confirm these moves and publish a wider reorganization plan on Friday, May 24th.

Thursday late afternoon, the information filtered through the press surprised radio workers. "We all fell out of the cupboard", a journalist said. The perimeter of Régis Ravanas – replaced in TF1 by François Pellissier – should be slightly wider than Christopher Baldelli. Since the radio group under the M6 ​​banner passed, number two of the group was this normalist alongside Thomas Valentin who had radio care (RTL, RTL2 and Fun Radio) and information.

This departure comes as RTL is defrosted by Inter France as the first radio station in France in the first quarter. With 6.1 million listeners according to Médiamétrie, the station was competing with its public competitor and 6.3 million listeners, with 200,000 loyal winners in a year.

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Record more than honorable

But over time, the head of RTL can boast more than a respected audience record. Internally, Christopher Baldelli, 54, who went through ministerial offices, before making a career in the press and then in the audiovisual sector (Lagardère, France 2, M6) was considered a natural successor to Nicolas de Tavernost. at the top of M6. "Please tick all boxes", says source. Still, the obscure head of M6, has been in post since the creation of the channel in 1987, far away. In April, the Executive Board's age shareholders pushed from 70 to 72 years. Nicolas de Tavernost, 68, who should have left the group on 21 February 2020, could wait until 2022.

Régis Ravanas, who spent a long time in M6 between 1995 and 2008, where he was assistant program director, is his prospective successor? At the age of 55, this senior executive referred primarily to the management of advertising and diversification of TF1. "The departure of Baldelli re-opens the game"said an observer. Several sources point out that, in addition, the relationship between M. de Tavernost and M. Baldelli had not been settled.

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Is this fuss related to merging M6 and RTL, to be completed in October 2017? Since then, there has been a disheartening atmosphere in general radio. Some workers provoke a "Late anxiety". "There is a desire to combine M6 and RTL editorial edits, to make people work for both media. You need a frame», says reporter. The appointment to the head of RTL editorial staff, a defector of M6 François Vignolle remains. Next Monday, Mr Baldelli was to present a new joint proposal of native podcasts. Without it it will.

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