Friday , December 4 2020

Bilal Hassani reveals his amazing composition for Eurovision! (PHOTO)

On his Instagram account, singer Bilal Hassani shared a picture which revealed his amazing composition for Eurovision!

On Monday, May 13, Bilal Hassani announced a new publication on his Instagram account which gave a real sense of social networks. In fact, the young man appeared with appearance of ember. But that's not all. He showed himself to him long blond hair, cosmetics actually worked but also small trophies on his face.

A Eurovision singer seems to be very sure of it. And that is also because of his composition but also his uniform that gives him confidence. If some do not delay criticism for its originality, Bilal Hassani decided to make fun of haters. It takes itself as it is. And obviously we don't intend to change but a a low percentage of the population.

Bilal Hassani presents a very original Eurovision make-up

This is also the eccentric side that certainly allows it to make a place in the Eurovision. Bilal Hassani is a character only. In his legend Instagram, Bilal Hassani also wrote: "The composition and hair is always fun for me, and it's a I express myself! This look was also made by the beautiful @annyfrany and @gabhykiing. They took exactly what I had imagined and also helped me to make it live. I thank them for it ».

He also held over 47,100 "favorite" in just two hours. In the comments, Internet users also trusted: "Beautiful omg! I validate everything in this outfit!" Don't dream about being king, you already have it. "We support you to believe that you believe in it. And from this trophy you will be the king." Right here. I don't know what to say! This picture is beautiful !!! But also "I can't wait, I'll catch you up, you'll tear everything up."