Sunday , December 5 2021

Artificial intelligence at a kidney damage service


Thanks to American researchers, artificial intelligence has developed. The latter can identify kidney damage in intensive care patients, 24 hours on.

Artificial intelligence that can detect kidney damage

Scientists from the University of Northwestern University and the University of Texas Health Science Center have created new artificial intelligence (AI). It can anticipate severe kidney damage 24 hours early in ICU patients. Indeed, this type of patient is more likely to develop this pathology that can destroy the kidney system and become deadly if it is not detected early enough.

Scientists with AI worked powerful with clinical notes of 40,000 patient records. They integrate different data such as gender, ethnicity, patient age, and also serum crimes recorded during the 72 hours prior to the examination. Thanks to all this information, artificial intelligence has been able to get good results.

For example, during the tests, 50% of cases at risk of kidney injury indicated within 24 hours of their examination. Therefore, this new approach is considered to be quite reliable in comparison to other methods that are already known. And this AI will be able to further improve its future results, thanks to the development of its database by integrating the clinical notes of other patients. She will be able to refine her medical predictions to achieve a much higher success percentage.

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