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Antibiotic objection: avoid amputation thanks to physiotherapy


Throughout all these years, dragging in his ugly infected leg, Christophe recalls a special pain: "What was the hardest thing was that I did not have my dad handed over." The "lame maid", since he was baptized and scorned at his school, had lived "differently."

As the 9-year-old boy was driven by a car in Ivory Coast, the adult had to continue walking with an open wound, throwing her daily bus. To pursue the obligations and have 49 operations up to 47 years. They will not have been enough to abolish the dangerous staphylococcus aureus that broke its femur, eat it off in its bone, flesh and life. "By force, the cocktail of antibiotics I got on was no longer working; it slipped like water on an oil cloth.

When in 2013, a doctor, who has been unable to trade, drops the word "amputation", Christophe is falling. "I came to my first carpet in the hospital and I heard, I killed all the tears from my body and then I said nothing, it will inevitably be one last thing i try

Gitty on social networks to go to Tbilisi

He decided for the first time to take his design back, he will not sacrifice his leg. That's when her sister-in-law tells him about a television-related report on physiotherapy in Georgia: "Hey, he looks like your story," she said.

The computer scientist, who has never heard of it, connects with society immediately. Cost and trip: € 8000. If it does not have the resources, it's full of them. Christophe is launching, with humor, his own telethon, the "tuna totof", cats on social networks, making money and when the money is transported, it flies towards Tbilissi, in June.

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Was it OK? He was thinking at the place and place. For two weeks, a taxi, having converted into an ambulance, lifts it every morning. With four other patients on the board, leading for a type of clinic in the capital: a house with a facade of wonder that is home to a small operating room in the basement.

Pain falls after 15 days

It has been swallowed with tags, it is spread of ointments, it has vitamin vitamin, it also finds five bacteria that are resistant to many drugs. Eight days later, the "unfortunate case" leaves its wheelchair, the pain disappears. After two weeks, "you can fly back," said the Georgian doctor. "Failure?", Cristophe anguishes, "you do not understand, it's still, you're getting better."

That word, the French never heard that. Cured, in fact? He leaves with a suitcase and suspects. When listening to this miracle, his GP looks suspicious. Phagotherapy, he does not know. But Christophe's blood test makes eye shine. There is no more infection. Unbelievable The large patient can be activated from the end on its broken leg.

"The steps must be developed at all costs"

"I take a lot of time to land, to regret it, to tell myself that I can go out with dogs, watch the little birds sing". This is the last point of terrible forty years interference. Not his fight Christophe has created a society * to help other patients get treatment in Georgia. About twenty people have already left.

"Every cost must be developed," he said. I'm sorry, but today we're in a row, the bacteria are stronger. "In his case, they will have surrendered from the end. And since then, his left leg, which was said to be lost, always takes her further.

* Phages without boundaries. Another site exists: "To improve in Georgia".

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