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Anthem is not dead! – News

Game news Anthem is not dead!

Anthem is currently receiving full coverage from BioWare as part of its redesign. Although this project was thought to have disappeared due to the crisis, new information was reported by the studio itself!

Released on February 21, 2019, Anthem was one of ambitious projects BioWare. Expected at the time by a large audience, the title eventually failed to fully convince, restoring 13 out of 20 in our columns. Despite its great open world and gameplay that was supposed to be edgy through spears, the universe had failed to be as impressive as similar titles.

So some time after release, rumors were already starting to run about a possible redesign of Anthem. An operation that would take time, but would ensure consideration of all player feedback generated after the exit.

Now officially since February 2020, a year after its release, rebuilding is underway and, so far, the news has been relatively sparse. Then many thought that recent events might have had a final impact on him …


Through an article on his dedicated blog, BioWare he came to amaze his world by revealing details of this ongoing Anthem overhaul. The project has apparently resisted the onslaught of the crisis to reveal new information about the spears, the famous pieces of this universe.

Exploring the various possibilities afforded by skill trees and unlocking skills as we move forward, these first tests will thus improve the life of a closely observed overhaul. The buildings are also inspected to express this whole operation.

Well, the only problem right now, this awful complicated graph that was unveiled by the developer, which turns out to be a great proofreading!

We do not yet know when this will all reach us, but one thing seems to have been confirmed, Anthem is not dead!

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