Wednesday , December 8 2021

Aircraft, rents, reports at the expense … In Force Ouvrière, officers feast


The Ouvrière (FO) Police Union is weakened by disclosures about its accounting control.

In 2017, the total reports on cumulative costs of 13 members of the Office of Confederation were 388,683 euros, revealing Le Parisien on Monday.

Unjustified fees in sweepers

Pascal Pavageau – who was then a general secretary responsible for the economy – was the largest exemption: 50,836.05 euros (33,827.95 euros in 2015, 49,263.49 euros in 2016). On the menu, its rent (12,000 euros), train and plane tickets and also a number of unpaid costs (3200 euros in January, 2700 in February …). In "releasing" the union leader of the union, this practice seems common.

Etienne Mailly, then a general secretary, has not left: 34,306.27 euros of repayment in 2017, without forgetting a gross annual salary of 100,334.63 euros. As Le Parisien recalls, Thierry Lepaon, head of the CGT, was criticized for a net monthly salary of 5200 euros and asked him to be reduced to 4000 euros. In FO, you do not worry so much.

30,000 euros of flights in Air France

Another tasty example: this frame that spends 30,000 air flights to Air France between 2015 and 2017, we do not know why …

Note that the syndicate presents deficit accounts of 635 182 euros in 2017.

In early November, his new leader, Pascal Pavageau, was forced to resign because of enrollment.

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