Friday , November 27 2020

after the "yellow breeds", the white coats on the street on Tuesday

The leading nursing unions have called for an implementation day on Tuesday to protest the lack of professional means, and recent government decisions, including the creation of 4,000 medical assistant jobs.

A new social front of management, for the government. The March 16 nursing organizations sign up a call to strike, including several unions of liberals, workers, National Education or a number of professional specialties. The national nurse procedure also invites "the public authorities to hear the call of the nursing organizations and to recognize the role of nurses in the reform and evolution of the care system". If the movement is not linked to the "yellow privileges" challenge, many representatives assume that the movements are overcoming, hoping to focus the attention of the executive on a professional sector that can discuss .

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More and more skills, without financial compensation

This is the introduction of the Health Plan 2022 which has swept the last hopes of the profession, which throws out on-street nurses. "The central vision of this scheme does not give any way to nurses," he said the statement, which states that there are 1.1 million health professionals, 660,000 in nurses, against 220,000 doctors. Human priority and "important and individual role for patients", which need better attention, to the unions. Especially since, "in the face of the growing needs of chronic illness", a nursing competence field has expanded but "is not legally or financially recognized".

According to the OECD, the charge of hospital nurses is particularly low in France. On average across 29 countries, nurses earn 1.14 times the average salary in their country. The ratio reached 1.24 times the average salary in the United States, 1.28 times in Spain or up to 1.83 times in Mexico. In France, nursing pay is, however, 5% lower than average salary, and Finland, Hungary and Latvia do not do well at the site.

Macron medical assistants were deemed irrelevant

The union also provokes the creation of 4000 medical assistant posts, Emmanuel Macron said they could "carry out simple medical procedures." Institutions believe that this means "serving on the plateau for general practitioners" sanitary secretaries "paid by the community," rather than appreciating existing crafts. The money for jobs and medical assistants should have "been used to create jobs in EHPAD", particularly pressured organizations in this area.

Tensions also concern, in terms of status, the donations provided for senior practice nurses (IPA), a new situation that was to open career prospects. According to the institutions, professional contours have broken off rather than doctors, worried about asking the care pathway. Disaffection is also found in the lack of sales of the acts of liberal nurses. According to the unions, the insurance for ambulance care, which has to meet hospital shortcomings by allowing specific actions in the home, is not assumed by health insurance, which does not go after current rates.

Finally, one of the fighting horses and the professions should be back on the agenda: integrating nursing education in an academic setting, with recognized diplomas.

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