Thursday , August 18 2022

a doctor solves the mystery


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Illness in fishermen: a doctor solves the mystery

Identifying the contours of the so-called mysterious disease affecting fishermen is at the heart of the concerns of the ministerial departments concerned, not least the Ministry of Health. However, according to a Senegalese doctor, this vaccine could be chickenpox.

“Chickenpox is an infectious disease caused by chickenpox virus, we only have immunity once in our life … Its contamination is very fast. This is why in the fishermen’s villages where we are observing a great appetite, it may seem logical that so many people are affected by the disease in such a short time.

The treatment is symptomatic only with antiseptic to wash off and also antihistamines to prevent itching. At times to avoid bacterial overgrowth we may add antibiotics “, underlines our source.

For him, this treatment comes to fruition “two weeks or even three weeks later.”

However, our interlocutor would like to make one important explanation: “Chickenpox is less severe than adult. Chickenpox is quite severe like what we are currently seeing in young fishermen We should isolate them, give them symptomatic treatment, and wait for spontaneous recovery … ”

Author: Mouhamadou DIALLO –

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