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a bomb warning author on robbery did not want to see his parents because he smoked seals


The author of a mock-bomb featured on the EasyJet Lyon-Rennes tour in January, a 23-year-old Rennes student who did not want his parents to see him, was sentenced on Tuesday in Rennes to nine months in prison with rescues. .

Half length hair, black jeans and sneakers: before the Criminal Court, recognized the facts, saying he wanted to stop – by far – his parents to move.

Have to follow for " tfake news communications that jeopardize the safety of an aircraft as it flies", the young man had created the mess of January 18 at the Rennes-Dinard and Lyon-Saint-Exupery airports. t

"Listen to me carefully, the Easyjet plane from Lyon to Rennes will not pull back, otherwise it will explode": The EasyJet plane, Lyon to Rennes left with 150 passengers, had to turn off an anonymous call to report the presence of a bomb aboard the plane.

A dozen flights were postponed and a Lufthansa aircraft, which was prevented from landing in Lyon, was diverted to Geneva.

The student used software to adjust his voice. He was arrested through his smartphone, he was arrested when his parents arrived at Rennes at the end of another plane.

"I thought the call received by a switchboard operator wouldn't do much t", the defendant said at the helm."

His parents' visit? "unthinkable"back to him."I spent my day when I didn't have classes to smoke joints. It was perfect two days where I had no obligation", explained in a quiet voice and asked the young man to be a petition of right justice and an unknown of justice."

"I tried to reject themhe, known to his parents, was addicted to cannabis – up to ten joints a day – "their enemy was n ° 1. It would have created a family event"(psychodrama, ed), the student said he also wanted to hide the chaos of his home.

The court sentenced the prisoner to nine months imprisonment with two years probation, duty of care and training.

The court redistributed the facts and found the defendant guilty of " tmisconduct or the disclosure of false information to believe that destruction or degradation has occurred".

"The most annoying thing in a sense is the shame of all these people. If it is false (the defendant), for all the other people, it's not false at all, these are words that can't be kept in a society where terrorism exists t"said the prosecutor's representative.

The defendant will have to pay 1,900 euros to the airport company Rennes-Dinard and 1,350 euros to the airport from Lyon, civil parties, for their considerable damage.

No damage to EasyJet, a civil party, was also recognized in the absence of supporting documents.

"Our young man didn't think of the gesture that made the results"said his solicitor Bertrand Maillard, but"many elements (i) allowed the court to make a measured decision", stressed his advice.

In his test, the young man said he wanted to prevent cannabis to resume the law school and become a lawyer. He also apologized to the plaintiffs.

His parents, who claim to have had a new dialogue, were not present.

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