Tuesday , August 9 2022

Which Duchess has the Freedom of Freedom?


While living as a member of the royal family sounds like a dream for almost everyone, remember that it's not always easy. It is true that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton enjoy tangible benefits for the rest of us. After all, they have personal assistants, they are driven in luxury cars anywhere they want to go, they have personal chefs, and they get to travel in private flights to exotic destinations around the world.

Add the fact that they are married to beautiful princes, and it sounds pretty spectacular. As Kate and Meghan's lives are so amazing, there are strict rules and a royal protocol that both must follow at all times. The blackness can only do as they like whenever they like, raising the question about which of them has real freedom.

Meghan Markle has a huge celebrity fan base

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson / Chris Jackson / Getty Images

It is important for royal followers to remember, as a former popular American actress, that Meghan has a huge celebrity supporters base that is not going anywhere soon. She will always be very fond of the United States and around the world, like dukes and about her roles in films and on the popular legal drama. Adaptations. As a former Hollywood player, Meghan tends to do things a little more than her own way than Kate, taking some risks with her dress options and having a well-known, famous circle of friends.

Prince Harry is the sixth line to become king

We must also consider that Meghan's husband, Prince Harry, is currently sixth in line with the British throne. Although this does not disqualify him from ever becoming king, he certainly makes it very unlikely that he will ever be. This obviously means that Meghan will never be a queen herself, meaning that the rules are not so strict for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. For this reason we often see them holding hands, and why Meghan doesn't seem to be watched as closely as Kate's sister-in-law.

Kate Middleton is a future queen in England

As her husband, Prince William, is in the direct succession line, Kate is now becoming consort consort. She must follow the royal protocol very closely, not to go against the wishes of the queen. We are rarely ever seeing the Duchess of Duchess of Cambridge turning the rules a little, as she knows that all the eyes of her are always, even more than Meghan.

Meghan Markle is known for being a rule bender

The queen or not in the future, Meghan is known for being a rule bender, something that is not going to change now that she is an official king. The Duchess of Sussex is accustomed to wearing amazing dresses and skipping the pantyhose, having perfect imperfect hair, and stepping out in beautiful but unparalleled earrings. Fortunately, Meghan doesn't bend the rules too much, which is why Queen Elizabeth is ready to ignore her when she does.

Kate Middleton has less freedom

As a future queen, many people might assume that Kate has more freedom, however, this could no longer be the reality. Kate is much more exploited than Meghan, and the news media would go wild if he did the things that her sister-in-law knew t get them. The Duchess of Cambridge knows that, as a future queen, she has to adhere to the royal rules a little more, and it seems right to do so. We are sure that Kate, behind closed doors, likes to leave a little free, and we can't blame her for that.

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