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Ward diabetes with proper exercise


In order to ensure that the human body operates effectively, it is important that cells, tissues and muscles work to their best. In order to do that, the most important thing that the cells need is glucose, which can be reached through the blood after falling enough by the digestive system. However, if glucose levels in the circulation are higher than normal limits, but not enough to call diabetes, it is called pre-diabetes. She needs to be addressed, so that the ultimate metabolism talk, diabetes, will not lift her mouth.

The pancreas produces insulin of the bowel that maintains blood sugar levels in the human body. On some occasions, there is a serious lack of production of this hormone known as Type I Diabetes. It can only reset this hormone on a regular basis that it can keep the levels under check. At times, less insulin production or insulin function is not acceptable to human metabolism. This is called Type II Diabetes that is a metabolic syndrome.

Before starting such a syndrome, there is a period in which the blood sugar levels are more than a habit, but not enough to be called diabetes, called pre -diabetes There is a rapid blood sugar, when it is between 110-125mg / dl or when the level is 140-180mg / dl two hours after a 100 ml taste of glucose is called after diabetes. This can happen about one to ten years before diabetes begins. The importance of recognizing this condition lies in the fact that, if attempts are made to keep away, diabetes can be deferred itself and it can be stopped.

Some people have a presumption for this condition. Some individuals become more likely to her than the rest of the population. Risk factors that are not under control are age, as individuals above 45 are more likely. He is also hereditary.

If parents are suffering from this syndrome, the generation has a tendency to be affected. Of course, there is an epidemic of types in India as numbers increase. However, the factors within one control that can lead to this problem are quite a bit. Obesity is first placed on the list as any extra gauge around the midriff is proportionate when compared to the effect of insulin on the human body as the glucose levels rise. Inactivity and lack of exercise instantly spray into the body. If a woman has suffered higher levels of glucose in the blood during pregnancy (also known as indicative diabetes), they are likely to develop diabetes later in life. In addition, women who have suffered anahautic chest can be folded by this. Blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and increasing density lipoproteins also increase.


  • Eat foods that are rich in fiber and poorly in calories are ideal as fruit, vegetables and whole grain that does not necessarily mean in any way compromise taste or nutrition.
  • More energy, a healthier heart and better self-esteem are the desirable effects of exercise that burns glucose and the weight and needs to be adhered to.
  • Manoopathic medicine is helpful in this situation, when insulin that does not reach cell surface is insufficient enough to prevent the glucose into the cell for metabolism as these medicines Helps to achieve it to some extent. This is of great importance as the glucose has reached where it must and reduce the load in the circulation. Pancreatin, Insulinum, Sulfur, Lycopodium, Gymnema sylvestra and Syzygium are useful in translating this.

These medicines can also work in a complementary way to help diabetes syndrome be supervised or, even better, to be kept away.

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