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Tigray's Decision to Safeguard Law Rules in Ethiopia


Resolute-Protect-Rule of the Law November 19, 2018 – Deputy Chief Tigray Administrator, Ethiopia regional division and Tigrayan People's Liberation Chair (TPLF) said that the people of Tigray and their government supported the ongoing campaign against corruption and power misuse.

The Deputy Chief Administrator, Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael, according to ENA, "she is eager for the people of Tigray and the government to continue the existence of corrupt individuals and human rights raiders". "The detention, however, should have due respect to the supremacy of the law," he added.

In a direction to the press that he gave today, Dr Debretsion said that the people of Tigray had paid a huge sacrifice to secure the supremacy of the law.

"The people of Tigray and the regional government are firm to protect the dominance of the rule of law. The tigray of the people of Tigray and the government is determined," he stressed.

In previous comments regarding latest developments and the campaign against corruption and misuse of power, Dr Debretsion said that his government and his or her party, the TPLF, will not defend those convicted of any offenses.

The Prime Minister's government Abiy Ahmed recently took the unprecedented steps of rounding up a number of high ranking officers arrested, some looking full on the cameras. The campaign mainly focused on Metallurgy and Engineering Engineering (METEC) pollution, and human rights crimes in National Information and Security Services (NISS).

Although Ethiopia's large parts of the Ethiopian public are provoking actions, many of Ethiopia believe that the current campaign is predominantly political and targeting the people of Tigrayan and & # 39 ; r TPLF. According to these people, in terms of pollution and misuse of power, there are many more people, including those who are still in government, who should answer different crimes and abuse, and not just those in METEC or NISS.

"Some measures should not be restricted, but it should include a number of federal institutions and regions. All should be held responsibly." Debretsion was noted.

"Troubleshooting in the media by describing them as criminals making the efforts of the courts and police to find out the unfortunate truth," he added.

According to some online media reports, the TPLF Chair is currently under great pressure from its own parts inside the TPLF and Tigrayans everywhere to ensure that the campaign against corruption individuals encompassing all people and regions that have roles in any wrongdoing, including those who currently have jobs in the government.

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