Wednesday , September 28 2022

Thousands raise sneakers to run the 41th Richmond Anthem Marathon


RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – In Richmond, thousands of runners took part in 41 Richmond marathons, half marathons or 8K.

For some there is an opportunity to reconnect with friends, others … the race is an opportunity to raise money for a case.

Early and early Saturday morning, thousands were picking up their running boots and hitting the pavement.

"It was great," said Kyle Yunaska, finishing half a marathon. "You know I've come down here and meet a bunch of college friends. We were on the track and across the country in East Carolina."

For some runners, half half of the Richmond marathon began as a high goal.

"And she felt great 12, 13 years later to come out here," said Yunaska. "I've never run. I've never done anything close to half a marathon, so I was not even sure we could finish it and it was great. Very good, times da. "

Months of training leading to 13.1 miles.

"My legs have begun to tighten the last miles," said Yunaska. "When I came down the hill there towards the end, I saw the finish line. I was happy to see."

For others who run the full marathon in person.

"Losing our son Chris Groom in 2003 at Raleigh, North Carolina in a car crash," said Mike Groom, founder of Chris Team. "A year later my wife decided that she wanted to run a marathon in her honor."

For the last 13 years Chris Team has been represented in Richmond.

"We formed a memorial fund in its name," said Groom. "Every year, we raise money to look after disadvantaged and needy children."

Crossing line finished, for special purpose.

"I'm sorry," said Groom. "Emotional. It's emotionally finishing but it's emotionally finishing for Chris."

Boaz Kipyego from Kenya won the Anthem Richmond 2018 marathon.

8News Kristin Smith was running half this marathon this year.

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