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Super Rugby: Assistant War Coach Glenn Delaney away to Scarlets Welsh club


Irish assistant coach Glenn Delaney returns to live in the UK, where his family are still based.


Irish assistant coach Glenn Delaney returns to live in the UK, where his family are still based.

Irish assistant coach Glenn Delaney will join a number of high profile players on leaving the super rugby club at the end of the season.

Delaney has announced that she will take on an assistant coaching role in the Welsh club in 2020. New Zealand Brad Mooar will take over as Scarlets head coach once he has completed his duties as an assistant coach at the Crusaders.

Delaney's departure means that Aaron's trainer Aaron Mauger will have to recruit a new assistant as well as replace players who are leaving as All Ben Smith Blacks, Naholo Waisake, Liam Squire, Luke Whitelock and Matt Faddes.

Delaney had been involved in Nottingham English clubs and Irish London when he was appointed Canterbury head coach in 2017. After leading Canterbury to the Miter 10 title, Delaney was recruited by the new winter coach Mauger i working as a defense instructor in Dunedin. Mauger had replaced Tony Brown, now working in Japan with the loss of the sun and helping Jamie Joseph to prepare the national side for the World Cup.

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Delaney and Mooar have connections going back to their days of schoolboy rugby against Christchurch. They later worked in the same office block shared by the Crusaders and Canterbury Football Rugby Union in Rugby Park in Christchurch.

The Chief Executive, Roger Clark, thanked Delaney for his contribution.

In a statement he said that Delaney had been a significant part of the Irish training team over the last seasons and was highly respected by the players.

"His family has stayed in the UK while he has been with us and we appreciate the sacrifices that Glenn and his family have made over that period," Clark said. "We understand his reasons for wishing to return to the UK and wish him the best in his future training roles".

Delaney said he had enjoyed his time with the club.

"The environment that exists in the Highlands is very special, I feel privileged to be a part of it. I have worked with some excellent men from whom I have learned. T and I hope to give me some information.

"However, the opportunity to reunite with my family in the UK and take on a good coaching role with a strong club like the Scarlets was too good to reject."

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