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Russian anti-gay anti-gay tycoon has to boil in a huge pot, shares VIDEO – Russian News RT

A man sitting in a giant copper pot over a burning fire can sound like a depressing fairy tale. But in fact it is among the content on one fundamentalist businessman's YouTube channel in Russia.

The man in the pot is shamefully Christian German tycoon Sterligov himself. He explained in the film that this was a great way "to treat various diseases. You sit and kick back." The recipe for the healing stew that the entrepreneur boiled included herbs and a lot of salt.

Sterligov is very proud of his bot, which, according to him, is 200 years old and made of a real copper, "not the modern one, produced with the use of harmful chemicals." The ship, which was hung on huge chains that seemed strong enough to catch a dragon of 'Game of Thrones', could boil 500 liters of water, it boasted.

It is likely that the video was shot on the Sterligov site outside Moscow where the entrepreneur, who made a fortune after the collapse of the Soviet Union, has retreated when he got tired of city life.

He said he had no plans to keep the healing pot for himself and invited everyone to come and take a bath. However, he noted that only one patient could be admitted each day such as decontamination of the pot taking hours. Sterligov did not reveal the price of the procedure, but earlier it made the headlines for selling a simple loaf of bread for $ 10 because it was made of "pure environmental" ingredients from his farm.

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The businessman follows and preaches a fundamentalist version of Russian Christianity, rejected by the country's Orthodox Church. He is also known for his anti-gay scenes, with the former Sterligov farm shops and doors having obvious signs warning that gay people would not be served. Also on sale were rods to punish children physically misbehaving.

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