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News Sarah Ferguson: The language of the Duchess of York lets slip feelings on royalties


Sarah Ferguson, 59, has maintained a good relationship with the Royal Family, apart from the husband, Prince Andrew, 58, the son of the Queen, in 1996.

The Duchess of York continues to commemorate its connection with Queen, AGE, and even Prince Harry, 34, and Meghan Markle, 37, attended a wedding in May after losing Kate Middleton, 36 , Prince William & 36, was a wedding in 2011.

Fergie also came to good friends with the late Princess Diana before his death in 1997 when he was 36.

But when Piers Morgan wore the Duchess on her relationship with the royalties now, it seems that she seemed a little more than she had planned.

Judi James, the body's language specialist, responded Fergie to Piers' question, explaining she was careful about her responses.

Fergie had spent the first half of the interview talking about her work with a new charity, so she was relaxing and open, but Judi has explained how her physical language has changed rapidly, and it seems that the Duchess did not want to share too much for the royalties.

Judi told "When Piers announced that she would grill Sarah for the royalties in the second part, Sarah's body language suddenly became less secure and inconsistent.

"He raised his pistols in the air in a gesture of celebration as if she were excited to cast all the royal buses, but his face-to-face expression was a denial pain that suggested that she & # 39 ; n getting more cautious than eager. "

Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan called out they wanted to know "what the Queen has for breakfast" but the Duchess made sure they did not entertain their cups.

Judi continued: "Suddenly, his hands came off on the table in front of her in a gesture that looks great and can also suggest a communication notice.

"She was sucking her lips too, in a gesture of self-deceiving or denying and after some worried handbags when she talked, she dropped her hands on her lap to hide them completely, who was a massive after-mass masking technique, open plagues of the first section. "

When Piers asked for Fergie to attend the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's wedding in May, after losing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's day, the mother of the Beatrice and Eugenie Princess said: "He was kind to them [to invite me]. "

And when Susanna queried whether she had a special connection with Prince Harry, Fergie replied: "Her Majesty is an incredible wife and icon to the country. I think he is leading by example and to Include I'm a stunning posture. "

Piers claimed that her appearance in Prince Harry's marriage shows that the Duchess of York "was back where she belonged".

He said: "Let me ask you, there was a moment, I want to show this moment to viewers at the Harry and Meghan wedding.

"Where you're getting out of the car, to get to and everyone gets nuts with joy when you see you. And it was a kind of thing, it was like the moment returned to; And that's the way it was portrayed, I felt that so much heart had heated it for you to watch. That was there, by place & you were. # N. Belong. "

The Duchess of York replied: "Thank you. You have something to say that, it was nervous.

"And I was glad that I did not take forward those high-heeled shoes. But, as you can see, the moment I started to walk, I thought of Diana in my heart. I'm thinking about my mum.

"And my father would say that the show goes on, continue with him. She always had my sleep to walk high. And as I came around the corner and It made me a crew the kind people who were so beautiful. "

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