Kanye West gives a 10-minute monolog at the Oval y Tŷ Gwyn Office during his visit to President Donald Trump and the NFL legend Jim Brown.

Six weeks after Kanye West commented pro-Trump on "Saturday Night Live "and at the Oval Office, his wife, reality star, Kim Kardashian, says that the rapper is more drawn to the president's or political politics.

In fact, he said that West "is really politically, it really happens as if Donald Trump was a personality but does not happen know For politics, "add," He will always say that he is friendly with (Trump) from, and he is the one person who is friendly with him now. "

Speaking with CNN commentator Van Jones, in a summit of criminal justice reform sponsored by Variety and Rolling Stone, she acknowledged, "I know it's very confusing because you see someone who wore a red hat, you would think they supported that, "he added," But he's fighting for a free think and freedom to like someone, even if this is not the popular decision. "

Often, West "s" SNL "misconstrued" and White House men have said they are illegal to express political and social ideas in public in the same way that he does privately, he observed last month in a podcast with Jones.

When Jones suggested, Kardashian West was trying to be a "translator of Kanye, in a way," the star "Keeping With Kardashians" was quick to agree: "You need a translator, in real terms.

"I'm around the time through the time, so I know what it's talking about at home." The problem, she explained, appeared in public. "I like, & # 39; Waiting, you basically said the opposite to what you've just shown there. & # 39;"

But Kardashian West also does not like her husband's hector in public.

"After going to the White House or having been astonishing, we could have been easy on social media and have corrected it," he said. "But I think people have their own journeys. And I know his heart, so I'll know that one day he'll try it say coming out. It's been taken a long time so I can jump in and help it, but I know its heart, so I never emphasize too much. "

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In general, he said, "I believe what my husband is fighting – yet he is not the best communicator when explaining – but what he is fighting for is & # 39; I want to like what I want, even if it's different to what you like, "Kardashian West said, explaining the intention of the rapper" I Love It ". "She never said, Well, I know what's happening with immigration, and I know this and I know it. & # 39; If it really knew , he would feel sorry for him. "

And the West's commitment to personal validity his wife admires.

"As long as I will not agree with something, I respect that it is always who it is, no matter what it's popular, no matter what the cool thing is. do it Always, "she replied when she was asked why she loved her.

"I may, in the interior, want to be a translator by the time," he continued, "but I respect that he has his own path, and he is his own person, and He has his own opinion. "

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