Monday , September 26 2022

Ethiopia: Police Force Starts Withdrawal of Taxi Providers Code 3


The police have started to identify code-3 vehicles offering taxi services starting last week. The measure comes soon after the City Transport Authority's decision to ban the use of code-3 vehicles for public transport services.

"There are a number of code-3 vehicles under policy custody without sound evidence," said Samrawit Fikru, co-founder and CEO of Hybrid Design, owner of Ride Taxi, who works with 900 cod-3 vehicles.

The city administration took the measure stating that taxi taxis companies participated in a public transport service without proper licenses. The police have started to pull over cod-3 cars with a Tour sticker and hold them in custody.

"My car took my car, and I had to pay 300 Br the next day as a fine," said one of the taxi drivers, Naod Dechasa.

The Authorities are also accusing a Ride taxi company from setting prices and destinations.

"Using public transport is the mandate of our authority," says Dawit at Fortune. "Participating in such an activity is illegal."

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