Thursday , May 26 2022

Ethiopia is a former military chief of a pollution police company


ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – Ethiopia has held a former head of a large industrial conglomera run by a soldier, a day after the country's general attorney revealed that hundreds of thousands of dollars had been incorporated by the company.

ETV state broadcaster said the owner of Kinfe Dagnew, former head of the Metal and Engineering Corporation, was arrested near the Sudanese border where he was trying to flee.

The arrest is considered to be directly linked to the Ethiopian military organization, the latest of a number of major changes implemented by the reformed Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, 42, since he came into force in April.

The national broadcaster has broadcast pictures of the old officer in costumes that reach a helicopter in the capital, Addis Ababa. The news about the Kinfe arrest has brought a lot of attention in this East African nation as it is one of the most terrible figures in the country until just a few months ago.

"He was a dictator that he was not happy to solve our problems," said Desalegn Kebede, who was working with him, at the Associated Press. "I'm very happy that he is now in custody. We hope he'll get what he deserves."

Attorney General Berriu Tsegaye Ethiopia said Monday that 27 suspected people were arrested by the military company on allegations of corruption. He claimed that an estimated value of $ 2 billion was made without an open tender.

In addition, 36 other individuals were held for breach of human rights allegations.

Rights crimes have often been agreed by international groups and campaigners to the former Ethiopia government, a close Western Western co-ordinator. The new government of Abiy has held a number of reforms including the release of several thousand political prisoners, allowing opposition groups to return from exile, losing terrorism charges against leaders of obvious opposition parties and restrictions on the fight against the media.

But ethnic conflicts still break out in some parts of the country and cause the most serious threat to Abiy's leadership of 100 million Ethiopia people.

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