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Emmerdale is amazed at breathtaking heartbreaking scenes as Lisa Dingle dies

Emmerdale some heartbreaking scenes tonight as the soap farewell to one of his longest characters when Lisa Dingle sadly died.

Viewers will know that Lisa (Jane Cox) had been diagnosed with a final heart condition but when the news broke to her family earlier this month, Lisa explained that she had months to live.

A double bill tonight (May 23) focused on Lisa and Zak (Steve Halliwell) on the day of their wedding, which quickly became very funny as the married party had to chase some escape pigs across the farm.

Despite the fact that the audience stayed, Lisa was dirty eventually reaching fresh from getting to grips with pigs to say her vows.

Lisa Dingle in Emmerdale


"I never stopped love you, even when I thought you had given me the best to love me," Lisa told Zak. "I know I have been struck forever, and you have struck me. Although my heart is never very long."

Sadly, the marriage turned heartbreaking when Zak left the church emotional after hearing Lisa's vows.

In the second chapter of the soap, Lisa quickly followed Zak outside where she admitted that she had not written her vows and could not find the words to respond to herself, but Lisa assured her that she loved a & # 39; i was going to go back inside the church and marry him, because he asked and was "feeling fine".

Luckily, Zak listened to Lisa and they shared their vows before their family and friends again – though Zak broke up saying "until the death we were part ".

"How could I have got this lucky twice?" he asked, before kissing the bride.

Zak and Lisa exchange vows on Emmerdale


Later, in the wedding reception, Lisa promised to have fun and encouraged her whole family to do the same thing too – "those who smoke can stay, and wet squirrels can go well elsewhere. T ! " – and then Zak surprised Lisa by reuniting the Woolpackers, who sang Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll; in a stunning thrill for long-time viewers: t

Unfortunately, the day turned heartbreaking as Lisa decided to come home to change her dirty wedding dress and raise Zak's wedding gift, promising to return soon.

But when Zak went to meet her to walk back to the pub, Lisa seemed to be allowed to sleep on the sofa. By telling Monty how lucky she is to recognize Lisa, how she will make every minute especially for her and how much she loves, soon realized that Lisa was dead.

"Oh no, this is too soon," Zak sobbed. "This is too soon, Lisa."

And viewers were right there with him:

Actress Jane Cox announced her decision to knock out Lisa Dingle after 23 years earlier this year, and told her recently. Digital Spy how she felt about the decision to kill Lisa.

"I think it's better, in fact. I think it's a complete story telling and there are many people out who are dealing with terminal illnesses," he told us.

"I know, when it was revealed on the screen, that lots of people were writing in who had this illness too. They said: 'Thank you very much! The issue is so saying the story is fine I think.

"I could go to Spain for years or whatever, but I hope it will give a true end to Lisa's story."

Emmerdale currently flying during the week at 7pm, with an additional episode at 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays on ITV.

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