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Does the Ethiopian reform of government dictatorship rule gangsters? – New Ethiopia Business


By Andualem Sisay Gessesse – One of the panels during the World Press Freedom Day event held in Addis Ababa, an Ethiopian journalist working for international media who cannot travel to two regions of Ethiopia. This is because some gangs are not satisfied with the issues that we cover and label them as enemies of some group groups, which they claim to represent.

At another meeting to reform the media in Addis Ababa I attended a few weeks ago, another blogger who is also a panellist talked about the same fear and warnings he received not to cross Abay's bridge to travel to the Amhara Region.

And on another TV show on a private TV station a few days ago, a model and film actor said he couldn't travel to Hawassa City, where she was born and still has parents. This is because it is also warned by a particular group of people. She said that the safety of her parents was a major concern as some people had created a social media page with her name and spread hate speech against a particular ethnic group.

Similarly, the committee that presented its findings about the status of people who have been displaced internally by members of parliament said the people who deliberately were involved in causing conflict t between different communities and causing displacement of the protection of some regional governments.

The report also noted that the millions of people who have displaced internally in Ethiopia in different parts of the region are being prosecuted by regional governments. These regional governments demanded many things on the federal government in order to release those who have displaced to get back to their original places and their original displacement.

What do all these say about the reform in Ethiopia? In my opinion, when I once added to all these and other events, I can finish listing them in this piece as the public murder on the street in Shashemene several months ago, he or she might think and The Ethiopian revival is a transition from government dictatorship and murders to gangster rule.

The funny thing is that, in many cases, these events are organized and their design is good by the people within the reform regime, the party is generally managed & # 39; u peers are secreted. In my view, some of these associates wear the mask of opposition and opposition groups who also run their own media, dedicated to serving only one agenda or one ethnic group. .

Incidentally in some of the discussions I have attended Word Word Day Freedom events in Addis this week, the spread of hate speech against other groups of people was mentioned by the increasing number of one of the ethnic media or one of the media that concentrates on one region as a major threat not only the freedom of expression but also the nation – Ethiopia in general.

Experiences such as the 1994 Rwandan genocide assisted by one radio station, and the ongoing murders and displacement associated with the ethnicity of over 2.5 million people in Ethiopia, who are in temporary refuges on currently shows how easy media outlets of such kind can turn humans into wild wild animals.

How we work is all simple. whenever a media of this kind spreads hatred against the other region, they indirectly tell their people to develop hatred against their close neighbors of another ethnic group with whom they are married and have been daily drinking (coffee).

Then the mass displacement can be paid and paid to prompt a simple battle between two individuals from different ethnic groups. Then they know how they can turn this simple conflict into ethnic conflicts as we have seen in the regions of Benishangul Gumz and Amhara recently.

Speaking of press freedom, now that the government is no longer a threat for at least. In my opinion, the immediate threat to professional journalism in Ethiopia is journalists. If we do not manage our tonight and become free from our personal prejudices such as ethnic, religious and political prejudices, we will not bring any positive change in the lives of the people of Ethiopia.

We'll be using it instead as a media tool that is owned by the party which is managed and one media medium that focuses on ethnic group for their unilateral propaganda , which is obviously destructive to the nation. We must always remember that we have the responsibility to bring all sides of the story including conflicting views in society, so that people can make informed decisions in their everyday lives.

Do not forget to be careful in our daily duties. These media houses can be our employers, but we are not there to serve our employers. Journalism is about serving the public and not one group, including media owners.

Otherwise, I will train 10,000 passionate journalism individuals from across the country and spray into the industry by turning them into ethical and professional journalists. That means you will lose your jobs. or maintain my inheritance… Don't worry, I'm just cheating; I train only a few thousand. Hahaha ..

This is just advice to my Ethiopian fellow journalists. Now let me go back to my focus and finish my opinion on Saturday.

What am I advising the real reformers?
I say once again that the real reformers to separate themselves from those who work in an orderly manner to get to grips with the revival and draw the nation's rule t sharing gangters.

I also suggest setting clear guidelines for regional media media, which are meant to provide information relevant to poor people on how they can change their lives and build on their culture and language, rather than spreading hate speech and propaganda for the other region or people from another ethnic group.

It's simple, as someone recently said, a religious preacher who hasn't prepared well on the subject, spending his time talking bad things about the other religions.

The federal government should tell these media not to talk about other things in the other regions. Let them focus on their own economic, social and political issues without portraying another region or people from other regions such as enemies. Good luck to the real reformers!

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