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Does Netflix Renee Zellweger excite the best TV show from 2019? | Television and radio


IRenee Zellweger What / If a new Rfeix show is difficult to explain to someone who hasn't seen it, because we practice in contradictions that are invariably opposed. It's a thrilling thrill, though it's as sexy as slow transit constipation. Its unique selling point is that it follows the consequences of actions, although that also describes each story ever told by anyone in the entire history of mankind. Our television series, although its title has been punctuated as a small band of a young substrate boy.

And most importantly, I can't give the best to my watch, even though I hate it.

What I can say with confidence is that What / If is rubbish. The pilot episode was directed by the man who met the 1993 Sliver boobathon Sharon Stone, who seems to have kept it in an amber ever since the wrapped film. The characters, the dialogue, the sets and the costumes and music are all firm in the mid-90s exciting erotic territory, and there is little concession to modernism to be found anywhere. It's confusing, too; the second scene takes place a year after the first scene, but the third scene takes place three days before the second scene. What's more, almost all of the shows that set up all the events occur during a storm storm for some real reason impossible.

One of the main characters is running a molecular sequencing company that finds it difficult, although it is so stupid that it is a wonder that she has never worked for cutlery. The profession is an afterthought – obviously, no one from the author's down worry about the nuts and the bolts of molecular sequencing – but adds an obscure kernel t ok to the series, giving a restart of restarting the Channel Black Mirror Wallmark.

To take it on the surface, What / If it looks like a grand error; like another Cloverfield Paradox sells to Netflix at a fire auction because his studio couldn't believe what the clunker was. But that's the strange thing about What / If. I think – and I may be wrong, because this is pure perseverance – that its tragedy could actually be a kind of intent.

The best case for this debate lies with Zellweger's character, a sexy billionaire master puppet who is taken to wander around his intrusive apartment late at night bridging about the fate of nature against free will into the 2010 model dictaphon. Read that sentence back. That must be deliberate, right? No sensible person, with the possible exception of James James, would certainly create an unforgettable character on purpose. And I haven't even mentioned his primary hobby again. We do archery in her kitchen. Of course we have.

And Zellweger re-enjoys every moment of it. There's a huge, thrilling wink of scenes that are performed perfectly every time everyone thinks you will imagine. She's the kind of person who writes YW ANY COST 'in capital letters on a piece of paper before we break down when her new book, Any Any Cost, has become the most famous epoch seller. She's the kind of person that keeps her keys in a giant plexiglass cube in the middle of the room. She is like the sort of person who, when her butler smells that one of the kitchen arrows has reached the 'left center' target, smugglers: “Three words that nobody has ever used to describe me” .

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/ What / If this is the worst worst show, but perhaps this is the worst worst show 'Photograph: Erik Voake / Netflix

In Beth / Os, Zellweger's character meets a barman and invites him home. It's deteriorating, so it's getting worse. For one night with him, we offer to pay his wife (the molecular sequencer) $ 80m to save his unwell molecular sequencing business. Our plot, as the sequencer says in a rare moment of self-awareness, has been “ripped out of a bad 90s film”. But it doesn't stop there, as it starts to look like Zellweger has deliberately chosen the barman in order to light a remarkable series of Rube Goldberg events.

Which is silly, right? The whole plot is so quiet that it has to be pigs on the tongue. But the thing is, Zellweger is the exception here. The rest of the characters, and all the sub-plates, are boring and funny and play absolutely straight. Renee Zellweger Show, which would have been fantastic. As she is, she is the only thing that saves the series from final confusion.

So yes, What / If it's difficult to explain. It's not the best show you'll ever see. Even the best show is not the worst. Perhaps this is the worst worst show, but again, it could also be the worst worst show. Honestly, I have been left.

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