Wednesday , December 8 2021

Beirut Marathon unites Lebanon – Madadish Hamadi and Danah Kaouri


BEIRUT: Thousands gathered Sunday morning at Martyr's House in Downtown Beirut to start the annual Beirut Marathon.

"It was a very Libanus marathon," said participant Mirna Reslan.

People from different age groups, nations and backgrounds ran alongside under a sunny atmosphere, and mountains framing the coast.

Lovers with colorful pompies were established dancing to install high-speed music at small stages of the race route to engage participants as they go through the streets.

Parents, school teachers, guardians, members of the Lebanese army, and the UN were fun on the jurors.

Young people run with their parents "or you can say half a jogged," said Maya Annan who took part in the 1 km race with Ahmad's six-year-old son, who went on with a lot from side moods.

Organizers and volunteers worked hard to keep everything checking and giving people a guide throughout the course.

Melhem Dirani, a volunteer whose task is to lead students out of Beirut, said "it's really great to see people come together and have fun on a sunny day . "

Jurors from Ethiopia, Cyprus, Tanzania, Jordan, Syria and Palestine ran through Beirut streets, many of which had come to Lebanon to take part in the marathon alone.

Mike, a runner from Cyprus, told Annahar that this is the second year that he is participating in the Beirut Marathon, "and I'll assure you, I will be here next year too," he said.

Some non-governmental organizations took the opportunity for the huge crowd to raise awareness of critical issues.

ABAAD took the opportunity to remind people of their #SHAMEONWHO campaign that aims to reconfigure the massive perception of the society of criticizing victims "and calling for severe sanctions against rapists in Lebanon.

The ABAAD volunteers were fully dressed in black to represent rape victims who did not receive justice.

The crowd was holding up signs that had caught up expressions that were said by victim bulldogs such as "Who told her to go out at night?" And "What was she wearing?" To identify those allegations.

"This campaign has three objectives, it is first to renew penalties for rapists, the second is to change society's thinking that blames victims of rape, and thirdly to encourage victims of rape to report their cases" said the organizer of ABAAD at Annahar.

The sponsors of the event were provided with music, activities and food for sponsors, and included adults, and children on the left.

Overwhelmingly, the side crowds were ecstatic to enjoy the sunny day without the usual mental traffic of Beirut. "It's nice to see the streets closed, but at this time for a good cause," said Hani Aranout, a father of four children taking part in the race.

Yahia Al Dana is a 42 km race runner-up practitioner three times a week for four months now, in preparation for the big day.

He has also participated in two arathones in the past, one of them in Cyprus.

"It's a hard feeling to explain," she told Annahar, "when your body is tired and begins to fail and the only things that keep you is your strong thinking to finish what you've trained it very hard ".

This year, Al Dana has been involved in getting fired because she wants her to prove the unfortunate joy of the training hard.

Wait Yatim, her fiancé, added that training and competing with each other in the marathon had only strengthened their love.

Although some complained that roadside had closed to prepare for the marathon that caused serious traffic, the majority were philosophical to this score. "If it's for a good cause, do we complain?" Hassan Hashem noted a smile "It's been a rough year for Lebanon, it's nice to see everyone come together, even if it's for a short time."

Khaled Bou Merhi, runner, called the event, "the marathon smiles because everyone is happy."

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