Monday , January 17 2022

At least 34 students were killed at Assosa University following violence


University of Assosa - Ethiopia
Photo: EBC

November 202020

At least 34 students are injured following violence at the University of Assosa at the Regional State Benshangul, Western Ethiopia. And most cases are not a life threat, according to the state media of Ethiopia Broadcasting Corporation.

The conditions of five victims are serious and they are in hospital in the city.

The violence began as a fight between two students and was then moved to a point where he was hindering classes in the University.

Security forces and Ethiopia Protection Protection members were used to Assosa to manage the growing situation that probably took the form of ethnic violence.

University president, Haimanot Disasa, told FBC, as reported by the EBC, that the tension is being consumed now and the university is engaging with the student's community to identify the triggers hi.

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