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Asamoah's wife Gyan wants to have a DNA test at Hospital & Police – Famous


The farewell in court over the DNA Test asked by Asamoah Gyan's brother on his behalf as Black Star's wife, tells Gifty Gyan about the DNA Test being done at the Police & Police under the supervision of officers.

She wants to be held by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) instead of the private hospital, Baffour Gyan and others have suggested.

It seems that Gifty Gyan with Ghana Asamoah Gyan football is over. Both have been married for 5 years and the football was embraced for 11 years. Her husband prays the court of a marriage to erase the marriage off the record (designation).

According to a source to close the family, although Gifty Gyan is scared because the situation can affect the children. She is 100% sure that her three (3) children have one father, and she is not another person nor Asamoah Gyan, the same man who met in 2002 and married in 2013.

"I do not think she's scared the results. She escorted her to the airport when she was going back. She was very down but on the DNA she was sure she was very sure she said she felt depressed because she was hurt by many things. " he said a source of the family.

Asamoah's wife, Gifty Gyan with her childrenplay

Asamoah's wife, Gifty Gyan with her children

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It was asked why she (through her solicitors) made a new application for a hospital and police, DID supervised DNA tests, that the family claimed that faeces were scared of fear.

"It does not matter that she fears the results. You know, she fears that something can happen somewhere to look after the results if not it will be done under the strict supervision of trusted people such as the government or someone who can not be rewarded or something like that …? " he explained.

When asked if the family of Gifty Gyan and the Gyan family had made efforts to solve the problems in the marriage, he was informed that every effort to have seated failed as one side fails to come ben. We did not declare which side.

Black star football has also refused to talk to Gifty or the three children since August when he filed for a revocation in court.

It was revealed that Asamoah Gyan only saw his children 2 or 3 times each year, when he visited them to take pictures that posted on his or her social media, and rarely did it time.

He had also visited children and his wife with a huge campaign every time, making it impossible for the nuclear family to have quality time with each other and also contributed to the stress between the couple.

So far, the DNA test that was held on the 19th of November, 2018 had reorganized at the request of Baffour Gyan, acting on the authority of his brother Asamoah Gyan.

A new DNA date is set by the court as the Ghana-Ethiopia game ends with Gyan watching the game of the bench as it "National Assignment".

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