Tuesday , May 17 2022

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The Welshman, 27, has been illegal in the Emirates since the club has taken an offer of current bargain extension.

And he is now committed to establishing a ten-year society with the Gunners, after signing for them from Cardiff as a 19 year old in 2008.

Giggs is the name of Ramsey in his side in Wales for the UEFA Nations League League objects with Denmark.

And he has supported him to be a success in his new club and it is not surprising that Europe's biggest teams have come to call.

"It's been connected to everyone, which is expected because it is a quality player," said Giggs.

Welsh captain Ashley Williams endorsed the words of his head and had supported Ramsey to shine on the continent.

"It can break it," he said. "It's not really surprising. Its quality speaks for itself.

"He's been doing for years now, he is not a young boy now.

"It has done at an international level and in the Premier League and in Europe.

"I'm sure many big teams will be interested in.

"For us, it's obviously one of the most important players in our team and we're happy to be back.

"It's giving us something different to the other players in the squad. It can do something you would not expect. =

"He's one of the team leaders so it's really important.

"I've played with him for years and it's huge.

"We want all the best and best players on the field as much as possible."

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