Thursday , January 20 2022

Youssef: Azaro continues with Ahli


Mohammed Yousef, general manager and director of the Club Al Ahli football team, confirmed that Lion Azarou Wall player, Llew Coch had not asked to leave the Red Green.

Youssef explained that Al-Ahli had changed the international Moroccan international Walid Azaro contract next season and to improve, emphasizing that the player remained in the ranks in the Red Fort.

Youssef commented on his channel on Sport: "Azaro did not ask to leave the team in January, his contract was adjusted earlier and continues with the team.

Several reports have highlighted Walid Azaro's request to leave the ranks of Al Ahli, following the loss of Castell Goch to the title of the African Champions League against Esperance Tunis after losing back three times ago , conflicts that were absent due to the suspension of the African Soccer Confederation.

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