Thursday , May 26 2022

Yfory, the Pope and the Immigration Minister will witness the final session of Sunday Schools Conference


The Pope of Alexandria and the Patriarch of Alexandria will be witnessing the closing session of the Sunday schools scientific conference, known as "Sunday Schools and the Ecumenical Role and Future Vision". Newsletter, Nabila Makram, Minister for Immigration and Emigration Affairs will attend the seminar. And belonging. "

The second-day events of Sunday schools' science conference, held on a 100 year occasion since its foundation under the auspices of its Pope Twadros II Holiness and Bishop Daniel Esgob Maadi, Secretary General of the Holy Synod, have organized eight sessions at the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center headquarters in Anba Ruiss in Abbassiya.

The first session was titled "Sunday schools throughout history and pioneers in the Sunday schools service", during this period, Eng mentioned. Adel Ramzi Girgis about the management system in the history of Sunday schools, and Dr. Aida Nassif for "thinkers between the impact and impact on Sunday schools," while Dr Raif Yeni A research paper of the name "Establishing the Sunday Schools Service in the Diaspora Churches" . Majid Kamel talked about the role of Sunday school service innovators in the Sant Gregory service as a model. Ihab Helmi Nicola collected the first session with a paper called "Bishop Beyman, Bishop of Mallawi, Ansna and Ashmounin. Education and educational in Sunday schools", and moderated by Dr. Nassif Fahmy.

Dr. carried out Adel Fakhry Sadiq lecture entitled "Sunday schools contribution in the field of Coptic archeology, Bishop Samuel, Bishop Shebin el-Qanater and the countryside." Dr Hanan Hanna mentioned the "barriers that Sunday schools have experienced during their history" "The Role of the Sunday Schools Magazine in the development of Sunday schools in the ten years," and presented a paper of the name "Pioneers of Sunday Schools and & # 39; Role in Church History Studies ". First, George Germans held the session.

The third session was the title "Leading Churches in the Sunday Schools Service and Pioneers in the Sunday Schools Service", and was hosted by Adel Fakhry, while 5 subjects were presented by the Rev. Bishoy Helmi, Hadiakoun Youssef Mousa, Ibrahim Ibrahim El Bagoushi to Beshwa El-Qamous Younes and Rami Gamal Samuel. Sunday Schools in the Church Service "and was moderated by Dr. Adly Anis where Dr. Nassif Fahmi Menkrios, Zakaria Abdul-Siddiq Jerjis and Safwat Raja, Amin and the troupe, Isaiah Michael, spoke. The Rev. Phelps Babaoui Tadros.

The fifth session of the conference was titled "Sunday schools and its impact on community service". I've been presented by Dr. Ishaq Ajban, where Dr Iman Nasri Dawood, Ramz Atallah, Da, Samir Botros, Mamdouh Saad and Qusas Tawadros Obaid spoke. Another session was held by Dr. Sinot Delwar, Atef, Dr. Jamal Sikri, and Dr. Marian Amir Azar to Dr. Jamal Mohamed Abu Zeid, who presented a research paper of the name "The role of Sunday schools in incorporating citizenship values" and Dr Rami Atta, who talked about the Christian media and his role in serving; the public of children,

The seventh session of the second-day activities of Sunday schools' science conference on the village and maritime service introduced by Dr. Muhib Khallet, and said Dr. Madonna about the role of Sunday schools to support social values, and address Patriarch Athanasius Fahmy as "ecclesiastical education and educational role, Suzanne Emad Morcos on" ecclesiastical education in the framework of innovations of educational techniques, and moderated by Dr. Rami Atta.

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