Wednesday , June 29 2022

Watch her and download Ramadan's play without adverts


The TV will not be with you through time, but a program watch it You'll be with you through the time and every time, featuring all the Ramadan series and drama in the program on the phone that you can see through your favorite series without adverts or breaks.

Application Watch it We offer all Arab plays to subscribers at very low prices with a free period until the end of May, and most importantly the plays provided by the application. Watch it Without any ads you can break your integration with the artwork.

The stage "Watch it"Being responsible for releasing the application has announced that thousands of applications were received to register and subscribe and at the same time as some pirate attempts to open gaps in the information security application and so decided to manage the application." a platform preventing the temporary application for several days and raising the level of information insurance.

And to register in the platform "Watch him" For digital media content, via the website

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