Sunday , August 7 2022

Unsuccessful news for cancer patients … Full recovery is not possible for this reason!


In unpleasant news for cancer patients, he said LocationMedicalXpress That is "in most cases it cannot eliminate all cancer cells in the human body".

The site drew attention to the fact that “the new method that has been tested on animal molecules has been named lock block Most effective in controlling tumors and preventing their growth and development. "

Test results on laboratory mice have shown that phostaminipine prevents the formation of new tumor hubs, preventing the tyrosine protein kinos. SYK It was located in the cells. These cells move from the main tumor to another place in the body and pass through the hidden period that can last the last few years and resist the methods. treatment used..

The researchers developed models adapted from breast cancer cells, so they could produce lung sweeteners, and then present them to the four-week-old mice. When the tumor size was 200 mm3, it was surgically removed, then the rats were treated with fustaminab. The researchers continued with the help of bright luciferase to multiply and metastatic cell activity. It became apparent to them that the systemicity hindered the activity of these cells and prevented their spread.

According to scientists, breast cancer is seen as a chronic disease that cannot be treated. Even when the underlying tumor is moved after 10-20 years, secondary tumors may appear.

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