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Tracks and iron barriers distort the streets of «gap»


Dear guests, I would like to welcome you again and thank you for visiting the economic website. Welcome to an incredible visitor on the economic website, Ajaj: Tracks and iron barriers spread the streets of Al-Thaghr, where we strive to be your good follow-up to our website. We are looking for the latest and most important news of all news websites and agencies. Bwlch ", to show me our site, treads and metal barriers to« fault »deformation streets, and for you to be enough to be a new exchange in news.

Response 20 November 2018 05:45 for economic "iron barriers" is a phenomenon sustained by the people of Alexandria in all the streets and neighborhood of the province, the different forms between the iron barriers and rubber wheels and canned cans empty, to stop parking and handling a private place, which means suffering Real to people and people who pass.

«Alexandria Today» monitors the spread of this phenomenon in the streets of the gap and the extent of damage and its negative impact on society, and how to deal with the neighborhood to reduce spread, and how to cut Count to reduce the spread of this phenomenon, which causes many problems and damages.

Eng. Jamila Saad, Egyptian Liberal Party Youth Secretary in Alexandria, said the governors have to make a quick decision from residents, public services and neighborhood leaders to get rid of iron barriers raised by citizens in front of their residential and commercial stores.

"These barriers cause many accidents to the elderly and children during traffic and car accident during the night parking, so I'll appeal to officials to do not be pity on this issue and take the necessary measures or to conduct citizen awareness campaigns not to use these streets by signing in written ways, Or paying a fine so that citizens' sense and care and access to calm life without accidents or losses ».

Mohammed Magdy, a resident of the Ajami area, stressed that the general principle that must be governed by all is that the organization of these issues is subject to government represented by the local administration and & # 39; r traffic, so as not to be a mess and should indicate if this barrier is installed in front of a private entrance to a villa or building So its residents can use it to park their cars, enter and let's go.

He noted that most barriers in public ways and areas are managed by some councils to turn special situations, and they put obstacles to enforcing control over space and developing to create problems with people, asking them to stand strongly against this phenomenon.

Mustafa Mohammed, driver, said the phenomenon of the obstacles highlights the cross of some of the citizens to the sanctity of the street, where they allocate places to park their cars, and put down and block and block barrages locks to catch these places, stating that officers have to abolish those concerns and cuts and apply the law to anyone who breaks the laws of the state, Stopped the assault on public property.

The former governor of Alexandria, Mohamed Sultan, gave a fine of £ 500 immediately, as a result of the destruction of asphalt, iron installation, concrete blocks, damaged concrete, concrete slabs and iron drums on the street, adding that it was not responsible only for the neighborhood, With such cuts.

"The street is a public property," said Mahmoud Abdel Rahman, lawyer and one of the residents. "The law requires everyone who has committed a misconduct or offense to notify the competent authorities and the person responsible for the event, and we need to communicate with & # 39; the officials to get rid of these crimes of public roads.

Mahroume Mahmoud, director of public relations and media in the middle of the region said that the phenomenon of iron barriers is one of the most dangerous phenomena spread on Alexandria's streets in recent times, and center center campaigns are daily to get rid of & These obstacles, but without signing fines about who poses these barriers not to know or And there is a solution to get to the real actor and take advantage of and after # 39; place on shops in the streets, but security needs to be co-operated, when using these cameras and following to prevent those who provide these barriers and penalties.

"There are old laws of road occupancy that need to be updated and adapted in some materials and intensify penalties and raise the value of fines, and we are at the center of citizen awareness of the severity of these barriers, and the reason for spreading lack of private garages, and must be committed to new buildings to create a garage below to reduce Standing in the street.

Mohammed Mahmoud, Sharq media officer, said the area constantly extends campaigns to eliminate the iron barriers, which range from concrete and rubber blocks, and put them in front of their homes to park their cars, stating that this act is a break and possession on the highway, And removes them, as well as releasing a record of possession against the actor and a fine.

Chief Executive of Waheed Radwan, head of East Alexandria District, confirmed that immediate measures were taken by the area as soon as the report was on the erection of iron barriers, and workers were referred a neighborhood directly to the place to draw in the whole neighborhood, explaining that this preventative law and large fines, very simple.

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Source: Egypt Today

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