Saturday , January 22 2022

Too much salt causes a stroke


Research has shown that too much salt causes high blood pressure, which increases the risk of stroke and heart disease. Experts agree that evidence of salt damage is compulsory, resulting in water retention, raising blood pressure.

According to the BBC, an increase in the amount of salt over a period of time can cause arteries to be harmed and that high blood pressure becomes a satisfactory symptom, which in turn causes about 62 percent of stroke, 49 per cent of coronary artery disease, According to World Health Organization figures.

Combining the findings of 13 studies over 35 years, five grams of salt per day increased the risk of cardiovascular disease by 17 percent and a 23 per cent stroke, according to the BBC's website.

Analysis of blood pressure and other cases of cardiovascular disease and the average number of salt eating over eight years has shown that reducing the salt content of around 1.4 grams per day has resulted in low blood pressure , which in turn has led to a reduction in stroke by a death stroke by 42 percent, and deaths in heart disease by 40 percent.

But those studying and the studies have recognized the difficulty of separating the effect of salt reduction from other changes related to eating and living. Those who realize salt risk and trying to reduce it usually adopt other healthy eating and moving trends, not to mention less smoking and alcohol consumption.

"Random experiments on the direct impact of salt on the body are almost impossible," said Francisco Capucchio, a professor of cardiovascular disease at Warwick University and responsible for the eight year study. "Random trials of obesity or smoking are not known about the causes of death.

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