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Thursday, Friday 45. Meteorology announces the date of the hot water cutting


03:05 PM

Tuesday 21 May 2019

I wrote – Aida Radwan:

Dr Mahmoud Shahin, Director of the Department of Analysis and General Authority for Metallurgy, said the high temperature continued throughout the Tuesday and next few days, stating that it was expected to record temperatures next Friday.

"We may see relative wind activity by night, but the rise in temperatures below the normal range will prevent the weather from improving," Shaheen said in a statement.

Shaheen noted that the heat wave was expected to break through the country by Saturday, noting that it was too early to predict low heat values.

Director of the analysis department, that the increase in temperature during the second half of spring is normal, because the nature of the second part is higher temperatures than summer rates, but humidity rates are lower, giving a sense less heat than the stated levels.

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