Saturday , May 28 2022

The Pharmacist Council calls for the circulation of medicines by scientific name


Members of the General Pharmacists Council agreed today to refuse the decision of the Minister for Health and Population, Dr. Hala Zayed, to reform the registration policy for medicines.

Dr Mustapha El Wakil, the pharmacist's agent, said that taking medicines by scientific name is the answer in every problem that faces the Egyptian drug market. He asked: Why are we the only Arab country we do not have a scientific name and is the drug name being controlled? Did not the people in the present bite of the drugs put on them?

He noted that care should be taken to the national pharmaceutical industry rather than stimulating the importer. He noted that the decision to open the fund will stop the companies that will be dispatched from the recovery of the drugs, which will put us into a disaster and there will be a binding obligation on the companies that were distributed, On the binding contract.

Dr Ayman Atman, General Secretary of the Syndication, said that Egyptian citizens should be relaxed according to the previous trends of Egyptian pharmacists and ask the Ministry of Health to make decisions in favor of the Egyptians.

He added that the decision will increase the prices of medicines, shortages and finished drugs and harm the Egyptian citizen, while the syndicate stands next to the citizen.

Dr Ehab Kaldes, chair of the industry committee, said the decision was to be in favor of the Egyptians. He was wondering how the Pharmacy Ministry would decide on pharmacists without the participation of the union.

He called on the Ministry of Health to issue a statement of drugs that had been approved and did not download the Egyptian market, emphasizing that there is no market for medicine, and professional medication files have sold millions of pounds, and the decision means that more money will be used by currency and increase prices due to supply and demand.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Abd, head of the pharmacist committee at the Syndicate Pharmacists, should the Ministry of Health's decision to open a drug addiction fund put "poor medicines" medicines in the public sector in a real crisis.

He added that there were many disadvantages in this decision, which is not being studied, as his application will allow drugs imported in Egypt to be disastrously discharged, at different prices, which will delete & # 39; the Egyptian product, stating that, as long as the drug's trade name is dominant on the market, there will be a real crisis, There is no pharmacy to remove how many medicines will leak the market if the bladder opens.

Dr. Ahmed Abu Doma, chairman of the Pharmacy Syndication media committee, said we must pass the union law, especially the second article, which refers to the union's legality objectives, and when we talk about contributing to the provision of medication For people and different pharmaceutical projects, We must follow the Ministry of Health's decision to open the Boxes, stating that the Pharmacist Syndication is trying to keep the Egyptian medicine reputation.

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