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The Governor of Alexandria meets the Deputy Mayor of Marseille for International Relations

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Cite site & Constitution, on Thursday, November 22, 2018.

The Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Tourism, HE Dr. Abdel Aziz Qansoua, Deputy Director General of Marseille Tourism, Jean-Rouata, and Hisham Maher, General of the Egyptian Consuls in Marseilles, and Hani El Talbany, Egypt's General General Constable in Marseille, to discuss aspects of co-operation and exchange of experiences between the both sides.

The Governor welcomed the idea of ​​establishing a club for maritime cruises in Alexandria in conjunction with his peers in Marseilles and in co-ordination with the port authority and tourism companies that work in the field this and other stakeholders.

For his part, Vardal reviewed how Marseille could be converted from a tourist attraction to a city that attracts tourists by setting up major sporting events and holding Marseille as the capital of Europe's culture in 2013.

He said that Marseille had developed through cruising tourism and the establishment of a cruise club.

The number of tourists visiting Marseille to more than one million tourists each year, and the port in Marseille have been eligible for tourists in terms of depth and service delivery, and the ability of & # 39 The hotel has increased to accommodate the large number of tourists.

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