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The government reveals the fact that the coins "10, 50 and 100 pounds" are loaded … in Masrawy


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Friday 16 November 2018

Books – Mohamed Gayaat:

The Ministry of Information Information Center explained the truth about spreading 10, 50 and 100 pound coins and cycling in the markets.

The Center said in a statement on Friday, although the Center refuses this noise in the previous report No. 114, it was noted that this noise was re-circulated again during the current period, encouraging the Ministerial Council Media Center to communicate again with the Ministry of Finance, which denies the validity of the news completely.

The Ministry of Finance confirmed that the coins in the market were only 25 piasters, 50 piasters and 100 piasters, stating that what is being traded through social networking sites is unreportable commemorative coins by the Stamping Department for a 150 year occasion since Cairo Khedive was established for Cairo, stating that everything raised on this issue was unfounded.

The ministry noted that all the classes of bank maps currently traded have the release power, approved by banks. He added that it was about to open the first museum of memorial coins in Egypt, which includes a collection of historical publications, which include different categories of coins, History of the Egyptian state since the royal era through revolution July 1952 to date.

The ministry appealed to all media sites and social networking sites to investigate the facts and to communicate with the relevant authorities in the ministry to find out the news before publishing information that is not based on any facts and result in confusion of public opinion and negatively affecting the economic situation.

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