Monday , January 17 2022

The fact that first degree secondary students are forced to take the exam inside Egypt


In some social networking websites and pages, the decision to enforce first year secondary students to take the exam this year is only the Arab Republic of Egypt, and not allow these exams to be held in embassies abroad as in previous years.

The Ministry of Education Media Center contacted the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, who completely dismissed the news, emphasizing that the ministry has not made a final decision on this issue, stating that the students who will # 39; n come out taking their exams this year as in previous years with no change, However, what is raised in this regard is rumors that no reality exists with the aim of causing confusion between parents and students overseas

The ministry said that it has not yet reached a final decision on this issue, in terms of the status of the exams of first-class students who will enter the next secondary grade of the year next, explaining that it will be officially published and in a clear statement on its official website (http: // www., alongside publication in a variety of media.

Ultimately, the ministry called on all media and citizens to investigate the accuracy and objectivity in disseminating information and communication with the authorities concerned to ensure the news before publishing any misunderstandings that cause concern and a panic among citizens. In the case of any query, please contact the following ministry number (27923754).

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