Friday , May 27 2022

The end of the Arab Music Festival with a ceremony for "Ali Al-Hajjar" in Alexandria (Photos)


A new Arab Music Festival has finished its 27th session at Opera House in Alexandria. Final ceremony of the great artist Ali Al-Hajjar, along with the band led by Maestro Mohammed Al-Mughi and the participation of opera stars.

The first part of the concert began with a musical break for the opera stars, where Mustafa Al-Najdi sang "Oh, you'll love me, my heart … Oh God, what's going on .. . The artist Mohammed Shawki sings the night song. Then Shada artist Maha Salah Bajmil Asmar..Yahlo Sobh..Annabi ", and came to the conclusion that the artist Hasna split first Umm Kulthum to Night Mohamed Abdel Wahab of a girlfriend.

The second part of the concert began with a musical medley for Al-Hajjar songs. The performance of the ensemble followed by the great artist Ali Al-Hajjar, who presented a selection of the most famous work he gave during his artistic career. The last night … Ozzrini .. Plate .. Shoulder principle .. Do you have .. Gate Halawani .. Here is Cairo .. Love .. Mablash .. Army lives … In the middle of the night. Iskandrani.

It's worth noting that the 27th session of this year's festival from November 1 to November 12 is named after the late Shadia, and dedicated to the late Michel El Masri and late fiddler Saad Mohamed Hassan.

The 27th Arabic Music Festival was launched at Theaters Opera in Cairo, Alexandria, Damanhour and the cultural center in Tanta, a new cultural and artistic window overlooking the West. The festival will be held next to the Desouq city in the Kafr El-Sheikh countries and the city of Assiut next year. Expand the festival's festivals to cover all the governments of the Republic in order to reach all categories of people and spread the fine arts and improve public taste.

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