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The advantages of coriander when eliminating stomach problems


The advantages of caraway in the disposal of Saqr News stomach problems, citing the Arab morning, we are announcing the benefits of caraway in dealing with stomach problems, the benefits of caraway when disposing of stomach problems and we will announce to you our visitors New News Today through our Saqr News and Start with the main news, the benefits of Karawia to get rid of Stomach problems.

Some people take oral keratos to solve digestive problems, including heartburn, flowering, gas, losing appetite, and mild cramps in the stomach and intestines.

Olew Caraway

Oral keratin oil is used to help people treat cough with phlegm, improve the control of urination, kill bacteria in the body, treat constipation, and some women take oral keratin oil to help start menstruation, relieve women's cramps, and some mothers who & # 39; n kill it to increase Breast milk flow, the use of keratoe in the mouths, to the skin can be used to improve blood flow, or help to improve the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). In foods, coriander is used as a cooking tasting. In the manufacturing field, Medicines, It is often used as an odor in toothpaste, soap and makeup.

Cure and treat stomach diseases

Keraton oil can improve digestion and relieve cramps in the stomach and intestines, it can also cause weight loss, and the cornea solves stomach problems such as:

1 – Heart condition of the stomach

Caraway's oil seems to reduce the sense of fighting and gastric cramps. Coriander has been shown to improve acute gastric burns, including acid reflux, gastric pain, stimuli, inflammation and vomiting. The effect of keratosis is also found in mint leaves, Mustard, German miscarriage, trwrit, prawns, lemon balm.

2. Anxiety intestinal syndrome (IBS)

Early research has shown that the application of karate to the abdomen, covered with wet towel and dry towel, improves an intense bowel syndrome more than just olive oil.

3 – Coriander and other diseases in the stomach

Crabs also help to treat collapse, constipation, gas, help increase milk flow in mothers who milk, treat infections, menstrual cramps, and poor appetite. Early research in women overweight and obese has shown that the 3 months Early results show that drinking tea includes coriander, saffron, aniseed, sorghum, cardamom, camerog, fennel and leather, could reduce your asthma , such as extra sleep and sleep discomfort, and helping carwe in the treatment of stomach and bowel cramps.

Security and safety of taking coriander

Coriander is very safe for most people when it is taken verbally, either as a piece or by adding it to the food, which is safe for most people when it gets take orally, in medical amounts for up to 3 months, or when it is placed on the skin for up to 3 weeks It can cause rash and skin cut in sensitive people, so apply it first to a small part of & # 39 ; r croen and wait for 24 hours.

For pregnancy, the keratoid may not be safe during pregnancy. Caraway oil was used to start menstruation. This can cause affluent glue, so it should not be used. For diabetes, there is anxiety that coriander can reduce blood sugar. If you have diabetes and use theology, watch your blood sugar carefully. Your diabetic may need to reduce your dose of diabetes medication.

Too much use of the corneal piece with an iron or iron attachment can increase iron levels in the body. This can be a problem for people who already have too much iron in the body and because carbohydrates reduce sugar levels In the blood, there is a concern that they can interfere with the control of blood sugar during and after the surgery, so put & Use the keratoid for at least two weeks before the operation is performed.

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Source: Arab Morning

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