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Sudan: Urgent: Foreign exchange rates against the Sudan pound "exchange rate" Sunday 05 May 2019 | Daily price inquiries


Now we follow the foreign exchange rates against the Sudan pound on Sunday 05 May 2019, Follow the dollar price page on Facebook, We are constantly transferring prices, and we monitor you Price of the dollar today in Sudan, Through the parallel market transactions, and through quick updates updates, and follow the price with you every day, continue with the article to put in your favorites to know more, and welcome comments and we respond to them to learn more, we follow in this article the exchange rate Sudanese Pound The market Sudan exchange The events observed by the State of Sudan in this period affect the Sudan currency exchange rate, when Their price declined dramatically against foreign currency.

We keep track of currency rates from time to time and follow the news, which is about the current prices of the dollar. In exchange for foreign currency and Arab, we now follow the dollar's exchange rate t against the different currencies We are with you through the time by transferring excellent content. We welcome comments and respond to them for better progression. For currency.

Sudan silver prices on the black market Sunday 05 May 2019

Cash rate The exchange rate in pounds Sudan
Dollar 58 Pounds Sudan
The Saudi Riyal 20.7 Pounds Sudan
UAE Dirham 16.43 Pounds Sudan
Euro 67.20 Pounds Sudan
British Pound 78 Pounds Sudan
Egyptian Pound 3.50 Pounds Sudan
The Qatari Riyal 16.46 Pounds Sudan

The Sudanese government has made a decision to liberalize Sudanese money a year ago. This decision has resulted in a significant impact on its price and loss of value, so the Sudanese reached the Sudanese pound and turned the US dollar to buy and sell. In markets.

Sudanese Cash Rates through Instant Audits Sunday 05 May 2019

Currency Exchange rate
Dollar 68 Pounds Sudan

As a result of the dependency of Sudanese citizens on the US dollar to increase the demand for it, and so the currency prices in Sudan was a significant difference.

The Sudanese government is trying to raise the exchange rate of the Sudanese pound against foreign currency again, so it has formed a committee of several economic experts and representatives of the exchange companies and Sudan Central Bank to determine Sudan's currency exchange rate against foreign currency after release of the exchange rate, this procedure did not succeed and the reason behind this is that Sudanese citizens use the dollar in all their transactions.

It has also become increasingly difficult for the Sudanese currency to change as airlines in Sudan announced a decision to buy their aircraft tickets in a US dollar rather than the Sudan pound.

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